Braces are the traditional orthodontic treatment, and have been used successfully for decades to help align teeth and correct bad bites. At Domeyer Smiles, we offer gold braces to help you straighten your smile. We welcome you to contact us at 561-734-2900 to schedule your consultation with Dr. William Domeyer and learn more about the benefits of gold braces in Lake Worth and Boynton Beach, Florida.

Gold braces are made of metal, just like traditional braces, but are overlaid with gold. The stainless steel construction of these braces makes the brackets very strong and means that they rarely break. Your braces consist of brackets which are attached to the front surfaces of your teeth and an archwire which connects the brackets and which will apply gentle pressure to gradually realign your teeth.

Like traditional orthodontics, gold braces work to correct problems such as crowded teeth, crooked teeth, gapped or spaced teeth, and bad bites. In fact, there is no functional difference between gold braces and regular metal braces. Our experienced orthodontist may recommend gold braces over traditional braces for patients who are looking for a slightly more discreet treatment or who have an allergy to nickel, or for individuals who simply prefer the way gold braces look.

To schedule your appointment and find out if gold braces are right for you, please contact our office today.